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Vacation!! May 2013

We had the amazing opportunity to go home for three whole weeks!  We are so spoiled!  We knew we wanted to spend some time home this summer to escape the Georgia heat and to see our family, but we were planning on a little later in the summer... Because of Stevie's school and work schedule though, we had our biggest break in May.  
This being Lyla's second set of flights- we were a little less nervous to fly with her.  She was a lot more awake during these flights than the ones in December, but she did awesome.  She only cried a few times, and mostly out of boredom.  Everyone sure loved her!  People in the airports and on the planes would stop us and ask about her.  They would also comment on how beautiful she is... which makes us feel good :).  Of course we think she is a looker, but it is nice to know it isn't completely just in our heads.  
We arrived in Utah and met up with Grandma Jeppson.  I was SO excited to see my mom- because your mom is... your mom! She quickly got in her first set of Lyla loves and sent a picture to a jealous Grandpa who was still working up in Burley.  Dad and Kim joined us a few days later for the lovely Angie Lash's wedding.  I had the privilege of getting to do her hair for her big day.  It was fun dolling her all up for her wedding- making her feel just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside :).  The wedding was great.
 Then we headed over for Buddy's big Angry Birds birthday party! It was a blast!  Becky made the party sooo cute.  There were Angry Birds cakes (homemade), pinatas, bowling, and John, Stevie, and Kim took turns being a giant pig cut out of cardboard and letting all the little kids chase them around in Angry Birds masks.  It was such a hit!! Buddy is so glad to be 5.
We spent the next week with Stevie's family.  It was so good to see them all and catch up.  I really felt like this time around I didn't have to lock myself in a bedroom to nurse the entire trip, and now that it isn't flu season and Lyla has some immunizations, I was able to relax and just enjoy everyone.  She sure loved all of the attention.  We got to see a bunch of Stevie's extended family at a fun Mother's Day dinner.  Lyla got to meet her Great Grandma Carol, who has a particular talent for making her smile during pictures. She finally met Aunts Jeni, Julie, Jelaire, and their kids (and some grandkids) and Uncles B and Rob.  Lyla had such a great time with Baylie and Brady.

 It was amazing and almost therapeutic to be around family.  We stayed several days with Grandpa Steve and Carolynn.  Man does Lyla have Grandpa wrapped around her little finger :)  They enjoyed spending mornings together before Grandpa had to go off to work.  She sure does love him.  Lyla also got to meet her Great Grandma Camille and Grandpa Larry.
Everyone is so loving and supportive- it was great to see all of the people we have missed so much. 
We also enjoyed some of the fun Utah restaurants we have been missing terribly.  Our first stop was Costa Vida with my Aunt Nadine, her kids, and my cousins Jenna and Brandon.  I HAVE MISSED THOSE PORK SALADS!  lol.  We also had Winger's for lunch one day with Amy, and California Pizza Kitchen & the Cocoa Bean with my old coworker Bekkah and her hubby Jonny.  Great food and even better people!  Man, now I'm hungry again ;) 
We spent a day over in Eagle Mountain- went and visited (favorite) Aunt Jeni and her family, and then the Amanda and Justin and cutie Capri Pickup.  Man I've missed Amanda!!  Can we seriously be neighbors yet?! 
Lyla got to have her first professional photo shoot during this trip.  My wonderful friend Shantell Bullock spent one morning with us, capturing beautiful pictures of my sweet Belle.  She is so talented!  I highly recommend her to any friends in the Utah Valley area who need any kind of photography done.  I'm excited to see the pictures when she finishes editing them!
The second weekend of our trip we headed up to Idaho!! We got to go up to Sugar City and see my grandparents.  Great Grandpa Jeppson just loves Lyla.  He spent so much time holding her and playing with her.  Great Grandma sure loves her too :)  We got spoiled with some amazing raspberry jam, Grandpa's aged cheddar cheese, and a few great rounds of Rook!  I even got to play with my favorite partner, Grandpa.  We had such a great time.  
The next big stop on our trip was Kim and Alex's cute new home!  These two little love birds invited us over on Kim's birthday.  We went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch and then I got to cut and color Kimmy's hair for her birthday present.  We ended the night with some good ol' Twilight Rifftrax- Breaking Dawn Part 2.  So funny.  Kim and Alex are so cute together- and I sure did miss my favy little sister.  Don't know if we could ever settle down in Pocatello though... Stevie is allergic!! He broke out in hives- we later found out the culprit was really some new laundry soap, but it makes you wonder... ;) 
Then home.  It was so peaceful walking into my house and just sitting down on the couch next to my parents.  I totally understand the meaning of "home sweet home" now.  Ahhhhh.  We just spent the next few days relaxing and enjoying my parents.  We went for walks, played some Candy Crush :) and did some baking with mom.  It was so great to be back.  Stevie and I got to go on our first real date and night out away from the babe.  We went to Iron Man 3 and hit up Dairy Queen after.  We realized that we are a little rusty on making conversation that doesn't revolve around our little princess... We made a trip over to Uncle Wayne and Aunt Janet's to visit.  It was great to see them and their cute kiddos.  Lyla couldn't quite decide if she liked Tyler, but she sure did love Megs and Rachel. :)
 I also got to see Beverly Gerratt while home.  It was great to catch up with her as well.  Lyla enjoyed all of the late night snuggles and spoiling from grandpa and grandma.  She sure will miss them!  We also fed her rice cereal for the first time.  She didn't quite know what to think of it... but now we can't get it into her mouth fast enough! Such a fun milestone.  
After some teary goodbyes we headed back down to Utah for a couple days.  We spent one last evening at Grammy's (Stevie's mom's) house with Uncle Brady and Aunt Amy.  They had fun giving Lyla more loves and some rice cereal.  Amy said "That was the most rewarding thing I've done all week!" after seeing Lyla bounce with excitement while feeding her rice.  Lyla sure is blessed to have so many amazing people in her life.  
We spent our last day in Utah with the Fitch family.  I got to cut little J and Becky's hair.  John spoiled us with his amazing ribs!! And Becky and I finished the night with a little pedicure.  I miss being so close to them and all of our Sunday night dinners and game nights.  
Now that we are back home and trying to get Lyla adjusted back to our time zone, it all sinks in how much we miss our families back home.  Even though we miss everyone so much, I know Georgia is where The Lord wants us.  We have really had some great experiences out her and met some amazing people.  I know when I look back on the story of our life, this will be one of my favorite chapters.  

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