Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Trip Home

This past December we had the opportunity to go home for the holidays :).  Once we knew everything went well with my delivery and that Lyla's health was great, we were only excited for the trip. (Okay, I was a little anxious taking a newborn on an airplane, but other than that I was excited!)
Stevie's mom and brother picked us up from the airport and we spent a few days with them and they got to meet our little angel.  Stevie's dad and Amy also got to meet little Lyla.  Then we made the trip up to Idaho.  We spent the few days before Christmas catching up with the family and they all met Miss Belle and fell in love with her.  
Lyla's first Christmas was so fun.  It was amazing to have the whole family there- even her great grandma and grandpa Jeppson.  It was a pretty low key day.  We woke up and opened presents.  Lyla got spoiled from grandma and grandpa, and so did we.  Not only did they pay for our plane tickets home so we could be there for Christmas and the wedding, but they got us an Apple TV (which we LOVE!), some fun new clothes, and money to buy a stroller when we returned to Georgia.  We are so blessed.  We spent the day relaxing and enjoying each others company.  We also took fun pictures with all of the grandkids and grandma and grandpa. 

The next big event of our trip was Kim and Alex's wedding!  It was such an amazing day.  My good friend, Angie Lash, watched Lyla so Stevie and I could both attend the sealing.  It was so incredible.  The same man that sealed Stevie and me three years ago sealed Kim and Alex.  A lot of what he said before the sealing was the same.  It was almost like getting to relive our own wedding ceremony.  Then we took pictures out in the cold December weather (although not as cold as our wedding day!).  We headed home and caught a quick nap before the reception.  It was all so beautiful .  Such a fun day for Kimmy and Alex. 

The last big event of our trip home was the blessing of our dear sweet daughter.  It was such a special day- and a big thanks goes to all of those in Stevie's family who made an effort to be there.  Lyla wore the very same dress I was blessed in.  It is pink- so a little unconventional, but I love the dress.  It was handmade by my grandma Jeppson- someone who is very special to me.  Both of my grandmas are very special to me.  Lyla gets her name from my grandma Wright's mother.  It was so neat to me that both of my grandmas had a special part in Lyla's big day.  It was truly amazing to see my wonderful husband hold our sweet babe and give her a name and a blessing.  He honors his priesthood, and this was such a special use of it.  I love my little eternal family so much. 

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