Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 Months!

Miss Lyla is 2 months old today! It is hard to believe how fast it has all gone. I'm trying so hard not to be sad about how fast it is going, but rather enjoy every minute.
This last month has been so much fun- Lyla is getting such a cute little personality. We've had some ups and downs- she can go from being the crankiest sad babe to being the most adorable little one. She has started making noises that aren't cries or screams and they are so cute. Stevie and I will just giggle as she coos and happily squeals. One night as I was putting her to bed, she was sound asleep and let out this adorable little squeal and got a huge smile on her face. She must have been having a happy dream :)
Another fun things she does now is frown. This may not sound fun, but she will kind of whimper and give us this giant frown, and although it is sad she is upset, it is SOO cute.
About a week ago we went to visit Stevie at one of his jobs. It was nice for us to get out of the house, and on the plus side Lyla LOVES her carseat. Stevie enjoyed seeing us during his lunch break. Lyla is one cute distraction :)
Stevie and I still constantly fight over who gets to hold her and when. I usually let him win though, since he works so hard to support us so I can stay home with her all day. Lyla is such a daddy's girl already. When he gets home from school or work, she lights up and gives him HUGE smiles.
Lyla started sleeping through the night a week or two after we got home from our Christmas trip. It has been so amazing to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night! But unfortunately she isn't quite gaining weight like she was before she started sleeping through the night, so we have to start waking her to feed her every 3 hrs. I'm super sad about this! She has such a great routine and I hate waking a sleeping babe to eat... but you gotta do what you gotta do. I've also been drinking this tea- its called "Mother's Milk" to help make sure my milk can keep up with her demand. For all you breastfeeding mommas out there worried about your milk supply, this stuff is a great natural remedy! My sweet hubby- who likes to experience EVERYTHING as far as parenthood goes, says it tastes like potpourri... haha he is such a goof. It does have fennel in it and lots of herbs, so its not the best tasting stuff, but it sure does work.
We made it through our first cold. I got it first, then Miss Belle, and then Stevie :( Being a stay at home mom is so hard when you aren't feeling well. It was also so hard to see our little girl sad and just confused about why she was hurting. Luckily we all made a speedy recovery.
I've have had a little "me" time while Lyla naps so I had the chance to make some fun Valentine's Day crafts. Super fun and cheap therapy :) and I love hobby lobby and Pinterest.
Still loving everything about being a mom and I'm sure Stevie would say the same about fatherhood.

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