Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Months!

This past month has been so much fun. Lyla is growing and developing quite the little personality. I love spending each and every day with her, and Stevie says that the hardest part of his day is leaving us. We are very blessed that he is so hard working, and I'm grateful he works 2 jobs along with going to school, so that I have the opportunity to stay home with my sweet Belle.
Some of Lyla's fun new skills include swatting and grasping at objects with her cute little hands. She LOVES her hands. They are a fun built-in toy that offer loads of entertainment. Also she has started kicking like a mad woman when she gets excited. Her legs do this cute little jig. She hates tummy time, but in spite of that she is getting strong neck and shoulder muscles. Lyla is also getting really good at recognizing Stevie and me. When Stevie comes home from work or when we are in a room with lots of people, she knows who we are and lights up for us. It is so fun to be someone's everything. She will look up at me with her big eyes, and get a giant smile, and it makes all the poopy diapers, all the late-night crying worth it. I would do anything for this sweet little babe :)
So a brief recap on February-
Valentine's Day! Such a fun day to get to go a little bit crazy on showing our love for each other. Stevie spoiled me with some fun new clothes, as I no longer have a baby belly, and I was feeling a little bit like a frumpy momma. Because we are "starving graduate students" I asked Stevie not to spend money on flowers, so he took it upon himself to wrap my presents to look like hearts and roses. What a romantic silly goose. I did some fun candy-grams and other little nerdy notes. I also got him a notebook with pictures of me and Lyla on it so he can miss us a little less when he is away at school. We went out for a picnic with takeout Olive Garden. The weather was mostly permitting, and we got to try out Lyla's new stroller. It was a fun evening.
Another fun event in February was a visit to Athens, to Mike and Ali's! It was so great to see family and spend some time with them :) They are great hosts. We went to the little zoo there and saw all the fun animals. It is a cute and tiny zoo, but hey it is free! We also went out to eat and tried this little pizza place- Your Pie. Super yummy.
Between a cold at the beginning of February, and a stomach bug at the end of the month, our sweet babe is a skinny mini! We are trying to get her to plump up so she can stay at the percentile she was at her first two months. To help my milk supply stay up and meet her demands, I made these yummy "Milk Making Cookies". I was a little leery at first, but they turned out pretty good, even Stevie likes them! We are hoping he will start lactating so I can skip a nightly feeding every now and then :) just kidding! I just like to tease him because he is eating more cookies than I am.
A progression of Lyla's 1st thing in the morning expressions.  She is so happy in the am!


  1. I just love my little pixie!! That is her new nick name

  2. Thanks for sharing. She is beautiful !