Sunday, April 7, 2013

4 Months!

Wow how quickly this last month has gone! Our little girl has changed so much! So thankful for google + and FaceTime that help us keep in touch with our far away families.
Lyla and Stevie have had their first few evenings alone this month while I was lucky to get a couple nights out with the girls! It was hard to leave my baby girl for a few hours, but very much needed for my sanity to get a little "me" time. Stevie and I also enjoyed a few date nights (sort of) just after Lyla went to sleep. We watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 (with RiffTrax of course!), Wreck It Ralph, The Hobbit, and Les Mis this month. It is so fun to get some time together after she goes to sleep. Time to just talk and catch up and keep our relationship happy.

This month has been so fun as far as Lyla's development goes! She is still smiling and being so adorable. She now coo's and makes cute little gurgles and ga-ga's on a regular basis, and she LOVES when you repeat them back to her. She is getting much better hand-eye coordination and can deliberately grasp or swat (where as before, it was a little hit and miss :). She also does this adorable thing when she gets excited, she will take a few big breaths with a big open mouth, like a little pant. It makes us giggle. Stevie and Lyla's game of the month is "Super Lyla". He will lift her up in the air and she will stick her legs straight out and plank. She loves it and so does daddy. It helps build up her neck and back muscles too. She is also starting to try and sit up on her own- super strong babe! We received a hand-me-down Bumbo from a nice neighbor, and she does pretty well in it.
Super Lyla
Lyla turned 100 days old on St. Patty's day! We sure are "lucky" to have her :) It is so hard to believe that it has been 100 days since she came into our lives! They have been some of the most rewarding and challenging, and also most fun days of our lives.
This month we got to enjoy Stevie being home for a whole week! He had spring break, and since his main part time job is at the university, and we lucked out that his other job didn't have anything scheduled, we got spoiled and had him all to ourselves! Stevie and I got ahead on some spring cleaning projects and spent the week enjoying each other and our sweet babe. It was such a wonderful week!
Getting some housework done with the help of Belle :)
Spring Break To-Do List
Out to dinner during Spring Break
Lyla's first Easter was sure fun. Grandma Jeppson sent over some goodies for her first Easter basket. It was filled with a cute stuffed bunny, a rattle, some chain link toys, a cute little Princess Belle and Prince little people toy, and a Sophie la Giraffe. It was a fun day and she looked so cute in her little Easter dress.

Conference this weekend was fabulous. We are so blessed to get to hear from living prophets and receive their teachings. It is still a little hard to get used to the sessions starting 2 hours later because we live in Georgia, but still a wonderful weekend.
Sunday Morning Session- still in our pj's

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